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Render Technician

Contract Position - You will be hired on a “per job” basis.

As a Render Technician with Designs Rendered, LLC you will be responsible for producing high quality rendered images based on our design clients specifications. Candidates must have excellent time management and project managements skills. Candidates are free to work on their own schedule but all deadlines must be met without question.


  • Bachelors of Interior Design or related field

    • Preferred but not required

  • Knowledge of standard clearances for interiors

  • Proficient in SketchUp or SketchUp Pro 2018

  • Proficient in VRay Rendering Software

  • Able to read and interpret hand drawn plans, measurements, specifications

  • Must be able to communicate design ideas in plans, elevations and renderings

  • Must be able to communicate problems / questions clearly and in a timely fashion

  • Ability to work from home with personal computer that can handle design software requirements


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